Kneso GmbH

Schnabelweg 7

A-8054 Graz


Our goal: improve training quality and efficiency by providing an information platform based on studies and sales of innovative training equipment and accessories.

Legal structure: private limited company

Responsible court: Landesgericht für Zivilrechtssachen Graz

Austrian Chamber of Commerce Member

Main Business Licence: Mechatronic engineer of machines and manufacturing technology

Business Licence Authority: Magistrat Graz, Austria

Business Licence Regulations:

EU-Commission online dispute resolution:

Main scope of business: development, production and sales of mechatronic equipment especially training equipment and trade with all kind of goods.

Company registration number: FN 486487 y

VAT-Number: ATU73044804

General Manager and Owner: Alexander Gigerl

Responsible for the content of this webpage: Alexander Gigerl

Phone: request a callback