Your muscles are naturally stronger in the eccentric phase,
so why aren´t you training eccentric overload with a flywheel?

Watch video explanation:

U.S. pro skier Brian McLaughlin performing explosive squats on the STREXBOX and we measured his forces with our Powermeter.
Brian performs his repetitions with 10% to 30% eccentric overload.

At traditional squats (with or without added gravity like kettlebells or barbells) you have concentric overload instead of eccentric overload which is contradictory to your natural muscle strength distribution.

Watch video explanation:


  • flat box design means less metal costs and less transport cost
    Result: more value for your money
  • horizontal inertia design means no pull belt gets stuck anymore
    Result: less downtime
  • Squat harness size-adjustable means you only need 1 pcs squat harness instead of 4 different sizes
    Result: more value for your money
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